Dirty Portraits

Full disclosure: I'm not a huge fan of color runs and mud runs for photography. They are a great place to make pictures, but everyone knows that and as a result, they're usually flooded with photographers. I've given a few portfolio reviews where I've told people that they should try to cut back on photos from these kinds of events because they just seem overdone. Alas, every once in a while I still get sent out to cover these kinds of events, like last weekend. I photographed some action and general event coverage, but before firing off a frame of the run itself, I photographed a portrait series of about 25 people who had just finished the run and were caked in mud and still euphoric from the experience. I've really fallen in love with portrait photography so I take any opportunity I can get to do something I've never done. While a portrait series at a mud run doesn't hold the most weight journalistically, I still had fun and sometimes that's all that matter. Thanks for looking!