A Child's Funeral

When you shoot for a large daily newspaper, it's hard to digest a lot of what you cover. Maybe it's just bad memory or sheer volume, but I honestly can't remember what I shot just the day before sometimes. After an assignment, I typically file a handful of my favorite images, tag the maybes, archive the outtakes then move onto the next assignment or continue working on something in progress.  

Some assignments stick with you though.

Last month, Barway Collins, a 10-year-old boy from Crystal, Minnesota, went missing after being dropped off from his school bus. His father, Pierre Collins, was charged with his murder shortly after his body was found and is currently awaiting trial.

The murder was beyond senseless and hit the Liberian community, of which Barway was a part of, hard. I can't pretend to understand what the family or community is going through but I do know that it was incredible seeing so many people come together as family to mourn for Barway. About 2,000 people attended the funeral and as somber of an occasion as it was, there was also genuine celebration for life. I've never witnessed anything like it. I hope it's a long time until I have to again.